2017, installation metal, wood

The installation Imprint is a scene of absence representing the way we manifest existence and how we perceive space.

As a curator of Jedna Dva Tři Gallery I researched the photo-documentation of all the exhibitions that took place in the curated space in 2016. The very subject of my research was the placing of shown art pieces in the given space. The seemingly large scale of exhibiting possibilities in a 50 square meters gallery was naturally examined by all the exhibiting artists. The built scene is a one to one replica of that very space. The cutouts represent all the exhibited works of arts, thus the various perceptions of the space of many different artists. Despite the huge range of artistic styles and approaches, the chosen places, where the works were exhibited,  were very repetitive, therefore the count of the cutouts is quite small. Thanks to that, the replica’s source can still be recognizable to the visitors of the gallery.