2017, colour video 02’15’00’’
shortcut from 12-hour performance

There are objects in this world of significant value, objects that represent the existence of the people, who no longer live.  In our society, in the 21st century,
we are not used to facing death on an everyday basis anymore. Death became a living taboo, something we look away from. That’s why I wanted to understand the strange power of these objects of representation. They are the embodiments of what we have lost, they are the tool of our mourning and they can help us not to escape from our loss, but to live through it and deal with it; the vessels of transcendence.

I decided to buy such an object via online thrift store It was a used granite urn with initials foreign to me engraved on it. The emotionless act of purchase made the urn become only a carrier of the material value a recyclable packaging.

I cleaned the object for 12 hours to erase the engraving to make it free from its personal burden. The even meditative process embodied the transcendental power of the object that after could again become a vessel for another existence. Therefore I donated the cleaned urn via same online platform to contribute to the natural process of circulation.