Self care

2019, four-day lasting performance
charcoal on the wall 6m x 8m

The pattern on the wall of the studio is a result of a four days lasting internal performance of deep diving into my personal connections and defining my own relations and boundaries to it. First I wrote the names of 1,093 Facebook Friends of mine on the wall and then I started erasing and blurring the names as a metaphorical gesture of realized closeness. The only non-blurred names left belong to people from my actual inner circle I share my life with and can rely on. The illusion of intimacy caused by the default word “Friends” made this process very emotional and somewhat subversive. Lost in collective desires, utopian hopes and dystopian fears I started to melt into a void of complete uncertainty.  The performance became a ritual of searching my “self”, the core of my being, the outlines of which are made of the people close to me.