Somewhere in the Middle

golden candlestick, paving stone
and sycamore fruit

In collaboration with Barbora Volfová, 2021
Music Jan Švub
Graphic designer Karolína Matušková
3D designer Jan Kocour
Installation view of the exhibition by Max Vajt

You are in a timeless, vague space. In front of you is a system separate of magnificent scenic arrangements forming a single line. You are expected to embark on a journey through ruins and forests, crossing inhabited and wild grounds, monumental and historical buildings, and busy, but sometimes silent, shaded places.This scene used to be an integrated environment. It is separate now; divided into unrelated units. In the future though, the place might become a unified green whole again; an oasis in the middle of metropolitan chaos with clean running water to use.

The direct route leads to your goal, yet there are barriers that need to be crossed. It doesn't matter where. It doesn't matter how. You have freedom of choice; your path is your decision. The only limitation is time. Your task must be complete in 60 minutes. The limitation doesn't coincide with real-time. The place you're located in is timeless, thus you were given the power of acceleration and deceleration. You're an adventurer of natural heritage. Along your path, there are artifacts, diverse objects you can save in your memory. It's only your will and only your choice, which objects you'll remember. The objects will become virtual authentic experiences, your role is to become their owner.

2021, Prologue & Chapter 1 -'Where the Sun Sets and Where It Rises', shows at Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague, curated by Edita Štrajtová & Linda Vondrová, Prague, CZ

The magnitude of time is volatile. Sometimes it is the base for our certainty, other's our enemy. With a narrow mind we stare down the throat of tradition, while the world trembles under our feet. The natural cycles we know are changing just like the path we're walking on. The greenery becomes an empty scenery, an imaginary oasis in the middle of a concrete mass.

Let's follow the Sun, with its radiant and pleasant warm power. ln the sunbeams, our footprints are shimmering until they disappear in a whirlwind. What will happen, when the Sun sets? Will there be darkness? Time to rest? What's next? The sky is bright, although it's been a century since the morning.

Where does the Sun set, and where
does it rise?

Text: Linda Vondrová